Why aren’t there more women in the IT Field?

I was working at a computer company not too long ago and it still baffles me on why I hardly saw any women working in the more technical divisions of the company.  From the stats I have read online women make up only 13% of the IT field.

Why such a disconnect I wonder?  After all I have spent 20+ years in IT related jobs and I thoroughly enjoyed it (hardware, software and anything computer related).  But I realize not everyone will have the same interest in life or their chosen path of careers.

But it doesn’t stop me from wondering why?  Is it the intimidation factor?  Is it that they are just not as interested in computers as the opposite sex?  Or is it that teenage girls/young women are not being encouraged to pursue a computer related career and/or degree?

The only solution that comes to my mind time and time again, that it is crucial to mentor to these young women about the possibilities of an IT career and an IT degree.

How do you feel about it?  Do you see any progress towards more women in IT?