Can Online Tech Support Sites Still Be Useful?

I have done volunteer tech support for fourteen years on an online website, I have noticed over this past year or so the amount of people that have been asking questions has significantly dropped, which leaves me perplexed as to why?

It could be any number of reasons, such as people are far more computer literate than they used to be, and most colleges and universities require computer skills to graduate.  With employment, the more computer savvy you are the better chance you have of landing a better job.

These days’ people have family and friends on Facebook or at work who are their “Tech Buddy” who can help solve their computer problems (for free if they are lucky).  They also can find their answers to just about any error message by “Googling” it or going to the manufacturer’s website.

So where does that leave online tech support sites?  Is their role in today’s tech world still important or is the scope of what their all about going to drastically change?