How to keep current in a fast paced IT world

If you want to compete in today’s job market, you need to keep your tech skills up-to-date.  Below are some ways to help you stay ahead of the curve:

Enroll in computer classes at your local college, if need be fill out a form for Federal Student Aid or apply for a Pell Grant, it cannot hurt to ask, all they can say is either “Yes” or “No”.

Buy computer books and/or program software,  I usually buy it on Amazon, with the choice of either buying it new or used.  Make sure you check out the seller’s rating if you use the Amazon Auction or Ebay

If cost is an issue there is always free training available.  Check the computer subject you are interested in and try out the following sites: YOUTUBE , GCFLEARNFREE , MICROSOFT

Another way is to Intern/On the Job Training/Volunteer somewhere that can use your help and possibly you might be able to pick up a newly learned skill that you can add to your resume/job experience.

How are you keeping up with technology?