Skype Keeping In Contact With Friends, Family and Job Interviews Too?

Of all the applications available, Skype has to be one of my favorites.  I use it primarily to keep in contact with my children now that they have moved out on their own.  It helps me not worry and miss them as much, especially since my daughter has deployed to Afghanistan.

It brings me simply joy such as my past birthday, I was able to Skype with my sister in Ohio and she was able to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and watch as I blew out the candles.  I haven’t been able to share that experience with her in a few decades.

Skype also enabled my friend Dan to see his critically-ill father that he hadn’t seen in ten years, I was able to establish a video connection from my computer to his niece’s iPhone when she was with his Dad at a New York hospital.  Dan was able to tell his father he loved and missed him.  Little did he know, that would be the last time he would see his father face to face (so-to-speak), his Dad passed away shortly thereafter.  Though he wasn’t able to be there physically with his father, Dan was glad he was able to say goodbye in his own way, which shows the human emotional purpose technology has in our life today.

There is no doubt, Skype is a great tool for communication with family and friends.  But one day I was surfing the internet for interesting tech articles, and I ran across this article on the perspective of Skype being used  for job interviews and video conferencing:,9171,1933214,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopularemail

“Hmmmm”, I thought.  To me it is okay for my friends and family to see me on Skype because they know me, I can be relaxed around them while carrying on a casual conversation or shooting the breeze.  But how would I feel and act knowing on the other end there was someone who wanted to interview me?”  It is a great idea, it would save time traveling to the interview and allow the convenience of preparation from home.  But in no way could I get away with sitting around in my pajamas with my “bed-head” hairdo and talk to an interviewer no matter how informal/casual they say it might be.  Wouldn’t that be a funny thought if I was wearing a business top, jacket and pajama bottoms, and they asked me to stand up or I had to get something from the other room that pertained to the interview and they saw me in my Betty Boop pajama bottoms (LOL).  Though pajamas will work just fine for an early morning phone interview.  I am almost sure one day I will get a request to Skype with an interviewer, so when that day comes I’ll just prepare, smile and hope they can’t see my nerves.