Resting On Your Laurels

According to Cambridge Dictionary Online, “Resting on one’s laurels” means to feel comfortable because you have been successful in the past. has it defined as relying on one’s past achievements, rather than trying to achieve things now.

How can a person possibly think they can succeed in their fields or in the job market by depending on their past to carry them into the future?  Your education and skills quickly get out of date; you constantly have to be learning new things to stay current.  When there are hundreds of people competing for the same job that you are, you have to be at the top of your game.  Kicking back and hoping that just a high school education and your past skills will be enough to get you through your future career path is not a good way of thinking.

Even I was complacent  with my current experience, education and skills, the thought of doing anything about it was still mentally in the far reaches of the back of my mind, it took a job recruiter who had the gumption to tell me right to my face, that I have great experience and skills, but I need to update them.  Right there and then a light went off in my head, and since that very moment I have been volunteering, returned back to college and received a degree in Networking Security to help round out my existing experience, watched YouTube and videos to help brush up on my existing skills, as well as studying for the various CompTIA IT certifications.

You know the only saying still rings true, “You are never too old to learn.”  If you have a dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, an IT Network Specialist or whatever job you feel you were destined to be in; goals are just dreams without action behind them.  The best advice I can give you is stop sitting there, have faith in yourself, get out and do something about it.



How to keep current in a fast paced IT world

If you want to compete in today’s job market, you need to keep your tech skills up-to-date.  Below are some ways to help you stay ahead of the curve:

Enroll in computer classes at your local college, if need be fill out a form for Federal Student Aid or apply for a Pell Grant, it cannot hurt to ask, all they can say is either “Yes” or “No”.

Buy computer books and/or program software,  I usually buy it on Amazon, with the choice of either buying it new or used.  Make sure you check out the seller’s rating if you use the Amazon Auction or Ebay

If cost is an issue there is always free training available.  Check the computer subject you are interested in and try out the following sites: YOUTUBE , GCFLEARNFREE , MICROSOFT

Another way is to Intern/On the Job Training/Volunteer somewhere that can use your help and possibly you might be able to pick up a newly learned skill that you can add to your resume/job experience.

How are you keeping up with technology?


Why aren’t there more women in the IT Field?

I was working at a computer company not too long ago and it still baffles me on why I hardly saw any women working in the more technical divisions of the company.  From the stats I have read online women make up only 13% of the IT field.

Why such a disconnect I wonder?  After all I have spent 20+ years in IT related jobs and I thoroughly enjoyed it (hardware, software and anything computer related).  But I realize not everyone will have the same interest in life or their chosen path of careers.

But it doesn’t stop me from wondering why?  Is it the intimidation factor?  Is it that they are just not as interested in computers as the opposite sex?  Or is it that teenage girls/young women are not being encouraged to pursue a computer related career and/or degree?

The only solution that comes to my mind time and time again, that it is crucial to mentor to these young women about the possibilities of an IT career and an IT degree.

How do you feel about it?  Do you see any progress towards more women in IT?