Should future employers or recruiters have access to look at your facebook page?

This article caught my eye as I was reading the online news:

To me, my Facebook page is a way to catch up with old friends and family, share memories and play game apps with them.  It is a great way to relax after you get off of work.   I do believe Facebook is something you should NOT do at work and that it can wait until you get home, unless you happen to have your cell phone with you at lunch.

Some people have even went as far as making a second profile for employers/recruiters to see, but I have too much going on in my life to keep on top of another Facebook profile.  But there are so many different opinions on how much is too much for an employer/recruiter to know about your personal life.  Though I could understand if I was going for a job that required a security clearance and the FBI was conducting the investigation.  I could see myself letting them look at my page.   My days of being a secret squirrel are long behind me, I just want my own piece of cyberspace that I can call my own and feel at home in when I am there.  How about you?

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Free Printable Business Cards

Found this site that has free printable business card templates, it is worth checking out: especially if you need the business cards quick, you can get blank business card stock at Walmart and Office Max, etc.

You can also create business cards in Microsoft Word:

Version 2007

Version 2010

Business Card Templates (From Avery (Business Card Stock Manufacturer’s)) website:

I have a sample business card template under my Downloads Page, you can type over my text and change the picture and quickly print them out.

Also if you need professional business cards and you don’t need them super quick, Vistaprint is an excellent choice and they have so many products for both personal and business needs.

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